Step by step process:
A) Start point was a decision of Mayor Andrej Hrnciar
B) Town Council agreement to finance this project
C) Contract agreement with Transparency International Slovakia (TIS)
D) In-depth policies audit

The 17 key policies were the subject of the audit:
1. The policy of sale of fixed and non-fixed assets
2. The policy of rent of fixed and non-fixed assets
3. The policy of hiring new employees for the town hall and other town organizations
4. The policy of public’s participation in municipality decision making
5. The policy of access to information on how the municipality runs
6. The policy of ethics – ethical infrastructure and conflict of interests for elected town representatives
7. The policy of ethics – ethical infrastructure and conflict of interests for town employees
8. The policy of ethics – ethical infrastructure and conflict of interests for town organizations’ employees
9. The media policy
10. The policy of zoning plan and building office
11. Additional town policy
12. The policy of transparency with corporate entity founded by the town
13. The policy of procurement
14. The policy of concluding the Public Private Partnerships
15. The policy of assigning the apartments
16. The policy of assigning rooms in social institutions of which the town is a grantor
17. The policy of preparing the budget and informing the public of the issue

Next steps:
A) Preparation of specific anticorruption measures
B) Preparation of town laws and regulations
C) Approval by the Town Council
D) Training and implementation
Project’s main objective is to increase the transparency in the decision making processes way above the mandatory scope given by law resulting in an increased public engagement in the governance and accountability, to increase the information flow to the citizens and minimize the potential space for corruption. The increase in information flow should ensure better public access to the policy making in the town. An important step to the future is an implementation of the already existing Digital Town project.
As of today, the most effective tool is the eBIT auctions:
An advantage of the online auction is the support of online processes when issuing the invitation to tenders and choosing proposals. It also allows for the purchases at actual prices, increases transparency of supplier relations and solves supervision of town employees responsible for the purchases. The authentication of the user is assured by generating the login and password during the registration process each user has to go through (login and password are generated as a combination of letters and numbers). At each logging in to eBIT portal or eBIT client, the user must use these login data. All communication is encrypted. Participants are presented by code which changes during auction and of course from auction to auction.
eBIT auctions are a huge benefit. It assists in saving procurement costs, decreases expenses for the purchase procedure, shortens the time between announcing a tender and purchase itself, and it restricts the space for corruption to minimum.