On the website of the town of Martin we automatically make public the contracts, invoices and orders after they are created. You can find the manual with details for the work with this database, using mentioned documents, in the section with the same title: “Contracts, invoices and orders”.

The page is divided into four blocks: Contracts, Supplied invoices, Customer’s invoices and Orders. Each block contains basic information about published records in a form of the summary tables, e.g.: overall amount, the date of signature, validity, contract parties, ID, object, type, and similarity. To the individual recordings are assigned two documents for the download, from which concrete details are available - as a scanned picture and as a recognized text. In the case that the valid law protecting the personal details does not allow us to disclosure these documents, we are forced to delete these personal details before disclosure.

By using the set of the intuitive instruments, it is possible to change the type of displayed information shown in the table, move in this information, search and sort out recordings according to the different criterions. To easily arrange records by an arbitrary criterion, simply click on an arrow in the right part of every column and thereafter all details sort alternately upturn or descent.

It is possible to sort records with one criterion or by combination of more characteristics. When there is a need to classify recordings by one criterion, this can be achieved by clicking on an arrow in the right part of each column and to find a contract, invoice or order, by inscribing certain detail into the displayed window.

Included in the project of Transparent Town, Martin’s municipality has already published, a total of 18,701 invoices and 3,450 contracts in the last electoral term [from 2007 to 2010]. Moreover, in the electronic auction house is by every capital action publicized a complete proclamation, project documentation and the contract’s entire version.

The Martin Town Hall offers everyone a unique possibility to monitor handling with the public finances. In the beginning is an electronic auction, process of which is published on the website, including all of the price offers, name of the winning subject and the winning price, complete call for procurement, project documentation and the contract’s entire version. Subsequently everybody can monitor on the website, whether the town has really closed a contract with the winning subject. The final competed price offer is even shown in the final invoice. The interesting tool of control from the public side, is a map of the electronic auctions too From December 2010, the town offers a possibility of significant savings for nonprofit organizations, communities of flat owners, and for self-governments of the Turiec region, which is achieved by electronic auctions.

Contracts and Invoices

On our web page the public can find all the contracts and invoices the town has made, so that anybody can easily find information on tender calls, process of ongoing and closed transactions, read a concluded contract with a winner of an electronic auction, or check an invoice with the actual sum of money paid by the town to the contractor 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

New database of town contracts, invoices and order

Online map of electronic auctions