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Direct financial costs were only needed to pay out the work of internal and external employees of Transparency International Slovensko (TIS). The contracted pay was in the amount of 23 thousand EUR, which the Town Council approved and was thus fully paid out from the town’s budget.
The human resources from the municipality played an irreplaceable role. The expert employees from various fields have fulfilled the necessary tasks needed for the preparation and execution of the project within their work hours. The tasks were and are assigned according to employees’ job description, resulting from organization structure in the town hall, with concrete deadlines and orders from their direct superiors all the way to the Mayor. As all employees have been fulfilling the tasks during their regular work hours, no additional finances were necessary.
The used technical tools were the property of the town and in full extent covered the needs of the project. No additional technical resources were necessary and thus no additional finances were required. Technical resources used in the project were the municipality offices with standard furniture and needed electronic devices, mainly desktop computers. A special group of technical means were the town’s fleet cars that were used for business trips.

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