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 The initial assumption was an experience with unsatisfactory transparency in the public services and consequences that such state brings: corruption, loss of trust, insufficient control and monitoring from the public, insufficient participation of the public on decision making processes, and missing feedback. When seeking solutions that would improve the existing state, the Mayor of Martin found a partner in the organization - Transparency International Slovensko (TIS). With its assistance, the town was able to launch a project titled “Transparent Town”. The project maximizes the level of transparency with the municipality employees as well as its elected officials. The public procurement, purchase of goods and services, sale and rent of public properties, recruitment of new employees, solving conflicts of interests, or access to information are all fields in which institutions on all levels of public sector make important decisions every day. The project on the other hand minimizes the room for corrupted behavior in these processes. Thanks to the proposed measures, the decisions affecting the efficiency of the handling of public resources and properties are done transparently. The project has provided tools that the public can use to monitor the activities of public sector; it has opportunity to analyze and follow up with active participation.

The project “Transparent Town” has a direct impact on all who are part of the public life. The public can efficiently monitor, be more competent in evaluating, and react and comment the course of the municipality. The added valued is the regaining of trust in the performance of public services which is reflected in the higher participation of citizens in the public matters. From the employees and elected officials point of view, the project transparently sets clear rules at decision making processes, for which the public sector is responsible. It minimizes the space for possible corrupted behavior.

If we wanted to support these qualitative attributes with quantitative indicators, we should first mention the introduction of electronic auctions used for the procurement purposes and purchases of goods and services. In the first six months, the town was able to save 28% of anticipated costs, which come from public resources. Everyone thus has a 24/7 access to all invoices, contracts, tenders, procurement, or approved documentation. An interesting benefit is also an increased interest of foreign investors in the land governed by the town of Martin as a final destination of their investments. Investors do not hide that one of the reasons of their particular interest in Martin is the project “Transparent Town”, which guarantees that when dealing with necessary administrative processes at the town hall, they will not come across with corrupted behavior.

A lesson for representatives of municipalities can be a positive example and success of such efforts, at the beginning of which was a resolution and will of one person – the town’s mayor.

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